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Clinic, community and home based physiotherapy & occupational therapy

At MOVEability Physiotherapy for Kids, therapy is tailored to the needs of the child. Therapy is offered in various environments as relevant to the goal identified between therapist and family.

Physiotherapy for Kids

Physiotherapy for Kids

  • Goal setting in collaboration with the family and child
  • Development of a home exercise program
  • Developing play and gross motor milestones

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Occupational Therapy for Kids

Occupational Therapy for Kids

Occupational Therapy for babies, children and young adults focuses on helping children to develop age appropriate skills to help them achieve their daily “occupations” that may broadly include self-care, school and play.

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Hydrotherapy Physiotherapy for Kids

Hydrotherapy for Kids

Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy in the water and is a fun way to engage and capture the attention of babies, children and teenagers in a therapeutic context.

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Telehealth - Online Therapy for Kids

Telehealth for Kids

Telehealth allows you to continue therapy in all situations whether it is social distancing to prevent the spread of illness or whether you live remotely.

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