How Physiotherapy for Kids Works:

Physiotherapy for kids could include any combination of the following as relevant:

  • Thorough initial assessments using evidence based measurement tools
  • Goal setting in collaboration with the family and child
  • Development of a home exercise program
  • Fun, tailored physiotherapy sessions within a clinic, home or school setting as appropriate
  • Rehabilitation following surgery, brain injury or musculoskeletal injury
  • Ongoing physiotherapy support for children with physical disability or gross motor delay
  • Walking and or running programs targeting function, pattern, and speed
  • Developing play and gross motor milestones
  • Advice, recommendation and prescription of footwear, orthotics, and mobility equipment

Who is Physiotherapy Relevant For?

If your child presents with any of the following diagnoses or presentations, physiotherapy advice may be indicated:

  • Diagnosed physical disability such as but not limited to cerebral palsy and brain injury
  • Diagnosed genetic or chromosomal condition such as Down Syndrome
  • Low muscle tone (hyptonia) or high muscle tone (hypertonia)
  • Delayed gross motor development – your child is not reaching age appropriate milestones
  • Orthopaedic concerns such as flat feet or foot shape, leg alignment (shape)
  • Poor balance and frequently falling
  • Uncoordinated gross motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping
  • Musculoskeletal pain
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