MOVEability is thrilled to announce that we will be collaborating with the Burnside Kindergym on Magill Road, Beulah Park.

What does this mean?

Hayley Fisher, Physiotherapist will be attending kindergym sessions and will be available to answer questions and provide basic physiotherapy advice on gross motor development and to a lesser extent fine motor development relating to your child. Hayley will observe your child within a kindergym session and provide advice as appropriate, or alternatively Hayley may recommend that the child is booked into a formal assessment if the concerns are more significant or simply require more time.

Kindergym Burnside - MOVEability Physiotherapy

Who is kindergym relevant for?

All babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers aged 6 months to 5 years old and their care-givers.

When will MOVEability be at Kindergym?

Please check the MOVEability and / or Burnside Kindergym Facebook pages to find the next date Hayley will be at Kindergym. Alternatively please feel free to contact Hayley directly to discuss time and date options.

What will it cost?

For a brief chat within a Kindergym session, the cost is simply your entry into Kindergym which if you already attend is simply your term fee, or if attending casually $10. If you require an in-depth assessment standard therapy charges apply which is based on time taken. Please see fees and charges on the MOVEability fee page.

For more information on Burnside Kindergym:

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